Adrianna Krikl is a Los Angeles based composer who specializes in writing ambient electronic music with a cinematic quality. Her sonic landscapes are created by blending analogue synths, digital software, samples and loops.  Adrianna has scored music for a wide range of projects for films, TV, advertisements, fashion videos and art installations and has also released several solo albums.  Her music has been used by PBS, Google, NPR, Oprah Winfrey’s “SoulPancake,” UN Environment and Charity Water.  Adrianna was also invited by esteemed radio station DUBLAD –a non-profit radio station known for supporting the growth of progressive music, arts & culture - to perform a non-stop live electronic music set on air.    

A self-taught musician/composer, Adrianna was drawn to composing music when she first picked up a rudimentary midi sequencer - a small device that, when connected to a keyboard, can record & play back music. Inspired by the electronic bands of her youth, Adrianna found joy in trying to emulate their sounds on her new instrument and was hooked.  “I remember the thrill I felt when I first created layers of short loops on my little midi sequencer and keyboard. From there, I moved onto computers and synths.”  Influenced by movies, electronic sounds and the fusion of computers and music, Adrianna has used a cinematic approach to crafting her songs.


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