i am a female producer based out of Los Angeles. i have scored music for a wide range of projects including films, TV, and art installations as well as released several solo albums. this video is from an instrumental project of mine where the creative process went beyond the recording of the music and continued through the handcrafted packaging: https://youtu.be/lJmawvvbSjs

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artist statement bio

i am a multi-media artist. my art experience includes music composition, photography, graphic design, street art, sketching and more. i get the most satisfaction from mixing artistic media to achieve unique results. i am especially interested in interactive art projects that involve the public and encourage people to participate or contribute. In addition to being a mixed-media artist, I have been a professional Creative Director for 15+ years with Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures and New Line Cinema.

i am a self-taught musician currently residing in los angeles. i have scored music for a wide range of projects including films, commercials, trailers, podcasts and museum exhibits. i also enthusiastically encourage indie filmmakers, students, and charitable organizations to use my music. if you need music for a project, please send me an email adrianna@krikl.com 

current works

my music can be heard on the PBS tv series "Roadtrip Nation," on the opening credits of the dekkoo original series "Feral", as well featured on Oprah and Rainn Wilson’s tv show "SoulPancake" on the Oprah Winfrey Network.  i also scored the theatrical film "Anarchy Parlor," starring Robert LaSardo.  my music can also be heard on promotional video pieces for wonderful non-profit organizations UN EnvironmentCharity Water and One Laptop Per Child.

i was invited by esteemed radio station DUBLAB to perform a non-stop live electronic set on the air, at their studio in Los Angles. DUBLAB is a fantastic internet station dedicated to the growth of progressive music, arts and culture. 

i hosted an interactive art show in Los Angeles to celebrate the release of my album "A Snowbird's Nest." the walls of the gallery created a vibrant backdrop for an exhibit of photo prints i captured of the Los Angeles area. the exhibit was designed to be an engaging event that invited attendees to choose a unique photo print of their choice to serve as album art. everyone left with an original and unique version of the album, because i designed and handcrafted the packaging for each CD, and because no two photos were the same. the CD packaging featured my original art on both a hand-stenciled burlap sack and a hand-stamped chipboard sleeve. view the process of the CDs here http://youtu.be/lJmawvvbSjs

my original music was used in a video art piece commissioned for Modernism Week in the Palm Springs Art Museum exhibit "Steel and Shade," a retrospective on modernist architect Donald Weller. the video was strikingly projected onto a 30-foot wall with three synchronized HD projectors. the video featuring my music can be viewed here  https://vimeo.com/36818566.

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