Adrianna Krikl is a Los Angeles based composer who specializes in writing ambient electronic music with a cinematic quality. Influenced by movies, electronic sounds and the fusion of computers and music, her sonic landscapes are created by blending analogue synths, digital software, samples and loops.  Adrianna has scored music for a wide range of projects for films, TV, advertisements, fashion videos and art installations and has also released several solo albums.  Her music has been used by PBS, Google, NPR, Oprah Winfrey’s “SoulPancake,” UN Environment and Charity Water.  Adrianna was also invited by esteemed radio station DUBLAD –a non-profit radio station known for supporting the growth of progressive music, arts & culture - to perform a non-stop live electronic music set on air.

A self-taught musician/composer, Adrianna discovered the joy of creating music while experimenting with rudimentary toy synths, cassette tape recorders and an array of inexpensive gear purchased at Radio Shack.  There was a sense of wonder & excitement that came with creating music through trial and error, without even really knowing what she was doing.  That feeling of joy & discovery is something Adrianna has recently re-captured by going back to the basics.  Eschewing expensive high-end gear that some around her had recommended, Adrianna dug up some of the old gear of her youth and purchased some new, less expensive equipment which has enabled her to tap into the creativity she had utilized in her younger years. By connecting guitar pedals to synths, breaking out old cassette recorders & embracing tape hiss Adrianna has been able to fuse her new sounds with the techniques of her youth.

Once again inspired, Adrianna is currently working on a new project with plans to release two singles – “Celestial” & “Endless” - comprised of three songs each, for a total of six songs.  With music created by Adrianna, the singles are mixed with additional production by Dan Konopka of the Grammy Award-winning band OK Go and features UK-based opera singer Caroline Joy Clarke on “Celestial” and IamLawn, an alternative artist from Portugal, on “Endless.”  The album also includes contributions on cello by Nina Uzelac from Serbia and on violin by Jess Diggins from Norwich, Norfolk in the UK.


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